Integrated Acupuncture

Using Traditional Chinese Acupuncture combined with other holistic treatment for better healing

Chinese Herbal Remedy

Using natural herbs from traditional Chinese herbs to re-balance deficiency in the body


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In traditional natural healing, human body is considered as part of the Nature and therefore, the health of the human being is pretty much influenced by the surrounding environment.


The Traditional Chinese healing looks human body as a balance entity of body, mind and spirit. Physical and emotional disorders have been often considered as "unbalance" in human entity.


Traditional Chinese approach to ill-health is to restore the balance from "unbalance" by stimulating the natural healing system of a human system, which involves to use various physical stimulation using various holistic treatment e.g. acupuncture, natural herbs to restore the balance of a human system.


At Senwood Wellness, holistic natural healing is a completely different form of healing from modern medical treatment. The healing is based on the principle that human body has a self-healing system which helps the body to heal when there is an external injury or internal imbalance which manifests in various pain and discomforts.


Our healing methods are non-invasive, natural and we offer various non-invasive, natural holistic treatments and herbal remedy to help reduce pain, speed healing process as well as restore internal balance.


These treatments involves:

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Herbal Remedy


Infra-red Heat Therapy

Chinese Cupping Therapy

Muscular Manipulation



Dry Herbs, Herbal Tea and Herbal Granular


Ear Candles Therapy

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